Brochure/Flyer F.A.Q.'s

+ What is the process and timeline for producing brochures?

There are several steps involved in the brochure/flyer process:

1) DS Creative Group will prepare the brochure copy or flyer bullet points and send it to you for review within 24 hours of photos being delivered. You will need to make any changes directly to the text provided and copy and paste the FINAL version back to us.

2) After your final copy is received, our graphic designer will place the text into a brochure or flyer format and send a PDF of the file for your review. Most clients allow our designer to select color schemes, templates, and photos using her good judgment, but customers are welcome to specify a particular template and list of photos you prefer her to use.

3) After final changes are made to the PDF, your e-mailed written permission is required to be submitted for print. If submitted by 2:30 p.m., brochures will be ready for pick up or delivery the following business day.

In order to have printed brochures ready for you in time for the weekend, we must take photos no later than Wednesday. Having them done on a Monday or Tuesday is preferable so that ample time can be devoted to the review process.

+ How do I receive my brochures or Flyers?

We work with 2 printers located in Springfield, Virginia, and will determine the best printer based on your needs. An e-mail will be sent when they are ready for pick up or you can have them couriered or sent via UPS or Fed Ex. Courier charges are $30 if within 20 miles from Springfield.

+ What is the minimum quantity of brochures I can order?

The minimum quantity is 50.

+ I have my own style of brochure I like to use. Can you work with that?

Yes, we can reproduce any style you like. One-time custom design fees will apply and we will quote the price for building your template after reviewing your requirements and the complexity of the project. After your template is built, our normal brochure or flyer rates apply.

+ Can you design a logo for me?

Yes. Our graphic designers can work with you to achieve a compelling and creative logo. Logo creation is usually billed at an hourly rate and will be quoted upon inquiring.